Slab Jacker can stabilize and raise your settled foundation. If your foundation has any of these warning signs it may need to be stabilized.

Exterior Warning Signs

  * Wall Rotation
  * Separation around garage door, windows and/or walls
  * Cracked bricks
  * Broken and/or cracked foundation
  * Displaced Moldings

Interior Warning Signs

  * Misaligned or Sticking Doors and Windows
  * Cracked sheetrock
  * Cracks in Floor

What is the Stabilization Process for Foundations and Chimneys?

First, the settled section of the foundation is excavated to a depth equal to the bottom of the existing foundation footer and to a width of 24 to 36 inches, which varies by application. Next, a rebar mat is anchored to the existing footer. Then concrete is poured into the ditch effectively adding to and widening the existing footer. This spreads the weight of the building out over a wider area.  After the new concrete has cured for at least one week the footer is drilled with 1.25 inch holes and the grout mixture is pumped under the footer at low pressure. Once the soil is compacted the grout becomes pressurized and lifts the footer and building back into place. After the lifting process is complete the excavated area is back-filled and graded to a "tractor grade" standard. The property owner is responsible for final landscaping.

Pictures of the foundation stabilization process are available here.

Basement Wall Stabilization and Straightening Services

Slab Jacker Construction can stabilize and straighten heaving basement walls. We do this by using an I-beam system which uses the strength of the steel I-beam along with the strength the buildings frame structure to stabilize the heaving basement walls. Every job is custom made and designed for each particular application. This ensures proper placement of the I-beams in relation to cracks and weak points in the heaving wall to the supporting structure of the building.

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